Last updated: December 25, 2002


NOTICE: On the old pages, most of the page links are incorrect. I'm working on getting this fixed. You'll be able to tell the old pages by the lack of graphics on them. On these pages be sure to use your  BACK  button to return to the previous page to navigate through the site. The links on this page are correct. I'll be updating the rest of the site as I can. When you see one of these notices, the links on that page are fixed. Once the full site is corrected, I'll be taking this notice down.

Please bear with me during this transition. I have dropped the domain, and just need to put the correct URLs on all the pages. Since the site is as big as it is, it may take me a bit of time to get everything changed over.


SPECIAL NOTICE: As of February 2008, Nick's Harem has been disbanded and no longer exists. There was a lack of interest from the wives to keep it alive. I'll keep the Harem pages up for a while longer, but I'm not sure for how long. If there's any information you'd like off of any of those pages, you need to get it before I pull the pages entirely.


Sections updated:

  *  List of Wives   Last updated: December 25, 2002
*  History of the Harem   Last updated: February 27, 1999
*  Schedule of Dates   Last updated: December 25, 2002
*  Stories by the Wives   Last updated: July 22, 2001
*  Harem Wavs   Last updated: March 20, 1999


The Harem Wav Page will be slow loading because of the size of the Official Harem Theme Song wav. You will find the song for listening or for downloading at the   Harem Wav Page  Enjoy!